The Podcast Wisdom

Tiny Reads, Mighty Impact


In the rapidly expanding podcast landscape, I strive to uncover valuable gems that can truly enhance your life. By condensing key takeaways into bite-sized summaries, I aim to streamline the learning process, saving precious time for those, like me, on a continuous quest to better understand themselves.

For Whom

If you are seeking personal growth by understanding yourself better and recognize that there's no quick tip or fix for this journey, then this is the place for you. Take the first step on your self-discovery journey by exploring, in an accessible way, topics that are often considered complicated.


I understand all too well how challenging it can be to seek help. Life presents situations where assistance becomes crucial, yet it took me a considerable amount of time to realize that I can't navigate everything alone. Now, having experienced the significant impact of not being alone in the journey of self-discovery, I am driven to pay forward the help I received in the best way I can.


There is no real method to the madness. I follow my gut. Simple as that. Whenever I discover an interesting podcast guest or topic, I fully dive into it. I go down the rabbit hole, looking for episodes with the same guest or touching upon the topic.

Hi, I'm Anna

Just another human who desires to live life based on my own needs rather than the unintentional lessons absorbed during my childhood from family, friends, school, society, and the media. My journey involves unraveling these learned behaviors, confronting deep-seated emotions, and revisiting childhood memories. I aspire to live a life that suits me, not one I continuously struggle to fit into.

There’s nothing more challenging than facing learned behaviors, emotions, and childhood memories on one’s own. I’ve been fortunate to have the support of a great therapist, a privilege I acknowledge not everyone can access. It took me a significant amount of time to seek help, having spent countless hours exploring answers through various podcasts before reaching that pivotal point.

Recognizing the complexity of this personal journey, I aim to extend a helping hand, especially for those struggling with that initial step. I believe this small gesture can be a significant catalyst for individuals feeling disconnected from their lives, yearning for authenticity in a world shaped by childhood teachings that may not always serve our best interests.